Time flies when you are having fun: Artwalk 2022

Time flies when you are having fun: Artwalk 2022

2022 began well!  Every 2 weeks or so I posted a new article to my blog and  my website project was moving towards completion. Additionally, I continued my work with  images already  saved on my hard drive. It was interesting how many of these I found to be worthy of developing as prints. Many of them I posted to Instagram. 

A couple of months ago a friend and former colleague contacted me regarding a photography project she hoped I would undertake. She asked me to provide her with a selection of images that I had made in Victoria and surrounding districts. I agreed. 

This was nicely underway when in the middle of July I was asked to display a number of my prints in the new Marmalade Cat Cafe in Kelowna’s north end. After visiting the cafe and mapping out how I would hang my images I selected 11 images that I had hanging at home. They will be up for all of August. 

And I was starting to  think about my favourite and  most anticipated event, Lake Country’s Artwalk 2022. Always held on the second weekend of September this year will be my 10th year of participation. 

For photographers, this year’s edition will be quite different. Previously, photographers submitted to a jury, a digital version of the works they hoped to display.  Each piece was either accepted or rejected.  

This year, photographers are accepted into Artwalk on the same basis as every other artist. Every artist is expected to submit a body of work to the jury process. If accepted the artists, including photographers, can then display a selection of their work as long as the pieces were not previously displayed at ArtWalk.  Artists then rent display space to hang and show off their pieces.  I’m pleased to say that my body of work was accepted. I’ve included that group of images below. 

At this year’s Artwalk I will display 12 canvas prints several of which  were included in my jury submission. Five prints are already hanging on my walls at home. The rest required development, printing and stretching. 

I developed seven images over and above what I already had on hand. When they were print ready I sent the files off to Canvas Plus a small company in Ladysmith, B.C. that specializes in printing services for artists. I like this company because they do all necessary work to arrive at the final product.  I’m so pleased with their service and the finished  prints!

This past Tuesday UPS delivered my finished works of art. I was astounded by their quality. So impressed!

I’m looking forward to this year’s Artwalk. It will be my first since 2019.  I really enjoy interacting with other artists and with the many visitors who come out to view the wonderful works of art in all genres that are on display. 

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  1. Great photos! Enjoy your posts.They are my travel now that I am an antique! Thank you.

    1. Thank you Grace! I’m happy that you enjoy my posts and that you can ‘travel’ via them.

  2. Quite a talent in many respects Stu. Congratulations .

    1. Thanks Alan! Photography and writing are activities I love to do.

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