The North Shuswap: A Photographic Opportunity

The North Shuswap: A Photographic Opportunity

I had the opportunity to visit the North Shuswap area of B.C. when Ellen’s pickleball group planned to travel to the Caravans West RV Park in Scotch Creek for a tournament and weekend of fun. She hardly got the words out of her mouth before I said, “Let’s go!” I don’t play pickleball anymore but I sure would be out and about with my camera.

It has been a few years since we had visited the area. So, last weekend we made our way to Scotch Creek. After settling into our accommodation Ellen and I took a ‘scouting trip’ to check out possible photo ops. It was raining but I was happy. Adverse weather conditions can add to the atmosphere and feeling of an image.

Earlier, as we arrived in Scotch Creek I noticed an abandoned ice cream shop. It was blue and white, unkempt and weathered. I saw it as a subject for artistic licence with my software. That became our first stop. I made several images from various angles before driving on towards Anglemont.

An old moss covered pickup truck caught my attention as we drove into Celista. It was settled deep in the weeds and was on a property adjoining a mechanic’s shop. Its frame was bent and it looked to have been there for years. This old pickup would be fun to photograph.

Anglemont was as far as we travelled. It wasn’t a long distance but even in the rain it was a pleasant drive. The beach side homes were very interesting. I knew if the water was calm there would be some great opportunities for images with reflections of the low hanging, coastal like clouds around the lake and mountain tops.

The Scotch Creek heritage farm was on top of my list to photograph. Eight years ago when I last visited, the site was open. I was able to walk about freely. But now, barbed wire surrounded the site and ‘NO TRESPASSING’ signs were prominently displayed.

I seem to recall that a great deal of litter and “party garbage” had been strewn about inside the barn. There were more buildings and split rail fencing then than now. It seems as though the North Shuswap Historical Society has cleaned the site up in an effort to protect its value and importance. I would have to change my approach for this shoot. I decided to defer any further photography until the next day.

When I returned the next morning I walked the fence line making images that I hoped would record the farm’s beauty. After finishing up at the heritage farm I returned to Celista to retake several of the images of the “Celista Pickup”.

On my way back to the resort I stopped to make a few images of Shuswap Lake. The water was like glass and the reflections beautiful.

I find sites like those I photographed last weekend and write about here, are so interesting. Questions always seem to come to mind when I am walking around making my images. Who built this? Who lived or worked here? Why was it abandoned? Who owned this old truck? What happened to it? And so many more. With my photographs, I feel I have given these and other sites life again. Hopefully, other people will also visit, admire and be curious about what was at one time a vital part of the community.

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