The Fascieux Creek Wetland: My Book
Cover photo for my book, Fascieux Creek Wetland: Seasons of Beauty

The Fascieux Creek Wetland: My Book

A  real feeling of  accomplishment came over me when I pushed ‘return’ on my computer last week sending  my book about the Fascieux Creek Wetland to the publisher. Months spent selecting images,  formatting, writing, proofreading and finally conducting a detailed  examination of the entire project had come to an end.

I am thrilled with what I have done, yet I am nervous. Will the book  meet my expectations?  I’m sure that feeling will remain  until the moment I finally have the completed book in my hands.

My story of the Fascieux Creek Wetland is about much more than photography. It’s  about an urban wetland that I knew nothing about. It’s about a chance conversation that drew my attention to it and it’s about realizing that there are many such locations in the Okanagan watershed each of which is an ecosystem where many critters thrive.

There are so many places  in the world I would love to visit and photograph particularly along British Columbia’s west coast. Whales, grizzly bear and otters are just a few of the animals I would love to aim my camera at. But age has snuck up and is now a reality that must be considered. So when I discovered the Fascieux Creek Wetland I discovered a new reality. Nature is right in my own ‘back yard’.

Patience and perseverance is often associated with wildlife photographers. Regardless of the size of the beast or their location these habitats are so important.

Ecosystems like the  Fascieux Creek Wetland cannot be considered as  ‘one and done’ photo trips. I found that to make the most of such locations I had to visit many times and at many different times of the day.  Learning the  rhythms of the seasons and how the critters behaved in each of the seasons  was crucial to making the best photographs.

Having the book in my hands will not be the end of the story. There are publishing options to consider for further editionsHard and soft cover books,  coffee table books, magazines and  ebooks are formats that Blurb, the company I am working with,  is able to  produce. I am leaning toward an  eBook option. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Once I have the finished product in hand  I’ll consider my options.

I love to have my images printed and hung on the wall.   Some of these have found new homes. But in reality most of my work resides on a hard drive unseen and not shared with others. The book option is an excellent way to enjoy my work and to share it with others. I’m thinking that this book, The Fascieux Creek Wetland: Seasons of Beauty, may be just the beginning.

Cover photo for my book, Fascieux Creek Wetland: Seasons of Beauty

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  1. Congratulations, Stu on the publication of your book. I know well the challenge of publication and that feeling of angst coupled with satisfaction when it is finally ready to share with the world. I have no doubt you have captured the beauty of this special wetland in a magnificent style. Now those who are unable to visit Fascieux Creek will be able to do so through your artistic lens.

    1. Thanks Corol! There are many challenges as you mention with such a project. I’m enjoying it and find that I have become quite picky. I suppose that is a good thing.

      1. It is a good and necessary thing.

  2. Congratulations on completing your book ready for publishing, Stu. Another step on the journey!

    1. Thanks Paul! It is indeed another step in the journey.

  3. Where is this wetland? It sounds like an incredible project… keep me posted
    Cheers Lynn

    1. Thanks Lynn! The Fascieux Creek Wetland is located in the Lower Mission of Kelowna. It is across the street from Save on Foods, between Richter and Casorso.

  4. Hi Stu ~ What an interesting blog, written by you, I discovered this afternoon! 🙂 Very happy to hear you’re publishing a book with all your Wonderful Photographs in it. Where and when will the finished product be available?

    Please continue to keep your Beautiful, Interesting and Gorgeous photos posted on FB!

    Best of Luck on Your Future Endeavours, Stu! 🙂


    1. Thanks for commenting Shery! I appreciate your encouragement.

  5. So excited for you Stu! Congratulations! What an accomplishment for you! Hope to see your book soon! ? Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! I’ve received the draft copy. Now to clean it up and get it out.

  6. Lots of time, travel, photography and writing gone into this Stu and selecting special scenes could not have been easy. I love the cover and good luck with the publication.


    1. Thanks for commenting Alan. I enjoy writing. Combined with photography it make for some great moments.

  7. Well done Stu, looking forward to seeing the finished edition.

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