A Weekend of Art: What a Blast!
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A Weekend of Art: What a Blast!

For the first time, photographers hoping to participate in Artwalk were required to submit a body of work to be judged by an Artwalk jury. If accepted by the jury they would then rent either a 100 or 200 square foot space where their art work would be displayed. Photographers were allowed to select ant of their images for display as long as they were new to Artwalk. This was a big change and put photographers on the ‘same page’ as all other artists entered in the event. To me this worked very well.

My 10th year of Artwalk participation last weekend was different and I think the most enjoyable. And now, after weeks of preparation and anticipation it is over.

In preparation for the weekend I sketched floor plan of my display area. On it I drew 6 easels and 6 grid panels. My drawing showed that if I used both sides of the grids and all the easels I could display 13 images. While this plan looked feasible on paper In real life the area was small and cramped. Next time, I’ll rent the 200 square foot space which will allow for a more comfortable flow.

Below are the images I displayed at Artwalk 2022. They are representative of the subject matter I like to photograph. Of these, three were sold: Mount Baker View, Textures of Decay and The Dolphins

I found it interesting to learn why purchasers were drawn to a particular image. Often they had a predetermined location and were looking for just the right piece. Others were moved by something in the image that made a ‘life connection’ with them. Regardless of whether a purchase occurred or not I just enjoyed the connections visitors made with my art.  

And now it’s time for a road trip to visit our son and his family in Michigan. It will be an exciting month. 

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  1. Congratulations Stu on your Artwalk presentation and success

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