Cards: Just Another Way

Cards: Just Another Way

Most of us who do photography suffer a common problem, storage. In the days of film our best images were printed and hung. Others were mounted in albums to be shown off whenever there was a chance but most lived in cardboard boxes stored in the basement or garage never seeing the light of day. 

It’s not much different with today’s digital world of photography. Most images reside on hard drives. Many are collected and stored on electronic devices and that’s where they stay. But with photography being so instant, storage of images can become a serious issue. Some photographers, like me, keep images safe and available on hard drive systems.

I really enjoy having my images printed, framed and hung especially if they are printed on canvas. It is so satisfying to get images off of hard drives and onto my walls at home or in other’s homes or offices, to appreciate them as works of art.  

Early this year I decided to publish a book of images I made at the Fascieux Creek Wetland. So many images from this little wetland were in my digital library that I thought a coffee table book would be a great way to show them off. It took 3 or 4 months of selecting images, developing those images, writing the text and then formatting the book. I think it turned out extremely well. 

Only a few copies have been printed as the cost of producing books in small numbers is prohibitive. So, to economically get my book in the hands on those who might be interested I will likely have to produce it as an eBook. Stay tuned for developments on that front. 

The art cards I referenced in my last blog post have become a reality. They are another way of displaying my images so others can enjoy them. Some of them can be seen in the collection pictured below. My website is currently being optimized by a technical support company (that’s a story for another day). Once it is back in my hands I will make my cards available for purchase. 


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  1. Wonderful news, Stu! Saw one of your heron prints the other day- no background…sitting on a bleached out log…we think this might look great in our place on canvas.
    Where may I browse the photos and view sizes/prices?
    Jim and Cathy

    1. Cathy, we are in Victoria this week. Lets find time to chat about what you want and I can give you an idea of pricing.

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