Welcome to my website! It is my online gallery.

The subject matter I like to photograph is varied. I love to get out with my camera for short camera walks or on subject specific shoots. Close to home there are areas I photograph regularly. Travels in Canada,  the United States and especially in Australia, New Zealand and Europe have been a rich sources of subject matter. However, my favourite areas to photograph are found on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. The beautiful city of Victoria offers much to be photographed as do wilderness areas along the wild west coast near Port Renfrew, Ucluelet and Tofino.

For most of my life I have been interested in photography. Early on I started with black and white photography. I so enjoyed making images and seeing them develop in my darkroom.  Upon retirement  from my career in education I made learning about digital photography a priority.  

I am self taught. Through selected readings, on line programs, workshops and photography schools I have worked diligently to improve my skills and the images I make. 

Photography has defined who I am as an artist. It is my way of seeing and recording the world around me. It has become my great passion.