A Trip to the Coast: Finally

A Trip to the Coast: Finally

Late in June we ventured off on a long anticipated trip to Vancouver Island. After being hunkered down for so long we were really looking forward to this short trip away from home. So with Tucker checked into a local boarding kennel we headed off to the coast.  

We decided to take the scenic Hope Princeton highway route for a change.   I can remember as a young boy living in Penticton traveling to the coast on this new and winding highway. Dad would load up our 1950 Austin A40 and off we would go. It must have been a slow arduous trip in that little overloaded car but we did it. This was still the main route to the coast when we moved to Kelowna in the mid 1970’s.

On this trip the traffic was light as we leisurely made our way through the mountains and then on to the BC Ferry’s terminal in Tsawwassen, B.C. I marveled at the influence of coastal weather as the vegetation changed from the dry desert like conditions in the Okanagan to thick lush greenery of the coastal forests. But as we descended towards the coastal plain there was a  subtle change in the atmosphere. Smoke! Forest fires were burning in the area. As it has turned out this was a sign of things to come.

Even as we waited for our scheduled ferry booking  to Vancouver Island  smoke was beginning to influence the colour of the late afternoon sun. But as it always is, the sailing through the gulf islands was spectacular! 

We spent the first four days in the Victoria area and rest of the  week  at Qualicum Beach. While on the Island we caught up with as many relatives and friends as possible.  It was so good to visit and dine face to face for the first time in many months. Really, that was the highlight of our trip. 

And there was time for photography! In Victoria I love to take ‘camera walks’ where I set off with my camera and one lens.  Sometimes I will define my objective such as  colour, flowers or architecture. On this trip I decided to look for anything that seemed interesting. 

Victoria’s downtown  is always interesting as is the area extending through James Bay to the Breakwater District. Starting at Christ Church Cathedral I made my way  to the down town core then Bastian Square, the float plane terminal,  the Empress Hotel, the Parliament Buildings, Fisherman’s Wharf and ending after about 2 hours at the Breakwater Coffee shop.

I love  to end my walks at a favourite coffee shop where I can enjoy a wonderful brew and pastry while evaluating the images I made on my walk!

My next article we be about the second part of our trip to Vancouver Island. 

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  1. What a wonderful record of a great day of photography in our nexk of the woods, Stu! We see tou captured the pretty garden at the entrance to our place, too! We just love those tall alliums!?Thanks for sharing…seee you at the end of the month!?

  2. Thanks for sharing Stu. Enjoyable read?

  3. Victoria offers os many gems for photographers. Your gems set the scenes with colour, vitality and beauty.

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