A Dawg: And My Camera
Tucker loves to play in the great outdoors.

A Dawg: And My Camera

On the cold afternoon of December 7, 2020,   Ellen and I drove to the Kelowna International Airport. We parked in front of the WestJet terminal. Not the passenger terminal but the adjacent air cargo terminal. Our package had arrived.

Anxious and excited we waited our turn. Finally we reached the front of the line and showed our documentation to the clerk who then pointed to our parcel.

There almost next to us, appearing  very bedraggled and looking up with expectant eyes  through the wire crate door was Tucker, a four month old Cockapoo. Our new family member had spent 11 hours in the crate as he flew from Regina to Kelowna. Raised on a farm with his brothers and sisters and 5 little children the solo trip must have been a traumatic experience.

In the months since Tucker’s arrival, the fun and laughter he has brought us has been wonderful. He has become a confident, energetic puppy who mixes it up with all sizes of dogs at Kelowna’s dog parks.  Daily life has most certainly changed now with neighbourhood walks and trips to any of several off-leash parks, Cedar Creek Regional Park being our favourite. More time spent with the ‘Dawg’ and much less with ‘Camera’!

Tucker loves to play in the great outdoors.

While I haven’t recently made many new images I’ve spent many hours working  with the images I already have. My Instagram Project  to post a daily image, either a new one or one  from deep in my catalogue, has been an ongoing effort.  I’ve made a coffee table book of images from my many trips to the Fascieux Creek Wetland. I wrote about the book  The Fascieux Creek Wetland: Seasons of Beauty, in my last post.

Lately, I’ve developed a series of greeting cards. When a friend asked if I could make her some greeting cards using my images, the wheels were set in motion. With the help of Canvas Plus the business I use to print and mount my canvas images, my first set of greeting cards will soon be available to purchase.

To cap off all of this activity I’m proud to say I have also sold a couple of my Great Blue Heron prints.

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  1. Hi Stu. Such a beautiful dog .i can imagine the trauma involved in the travel. Our daughter had her Blue Roan Spaniel and two cats transported when they emigrated to Canada in 2010. Sadly the two cats are no longer here but she has four more and they do keep us entertained when we stay with her. Benji is into his teens now and has problems with his kidneys and we do hope that we can see him again once the birds res open for visitors.

    I have been taking photographs of the birds that come onto our two lawns. My wife throws out chicken onto the back lawn that she has picked from the bones and the Seagulls are here in minutes and it’s gone in seconds. We visited Scarborough Mere a few days ago and the wildlife was in abundance. Lots of Signets and Canada Boos chicks.

    A glorious set of photo’s Stu and good luck with book sales.

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks for commenting Alan. It didn’t take Tucker long to settle in to our family. I think he is ruling the roost. I don’t know what we would do without him. I find that there is lots to photograph close to home. With Covid I haven’t been too motivated to get out with my camera but our second jab happens next week.I think that will be the turning point for me to get out and make photographs.

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