It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Motivation to write blog articles, edit photographs or even to just get out and make images, has been difficult to find these last few months. I’ve been distracted and frustrated by issues with my website and blog. Initially, I was planning to write about those issues and their resolution but after attending a memorial service for my good friend Ray Putnam those thoughts faded quickly. 

Ray passed away on December 4, 2020. Sadly, he was a victim of Covid 19. Always positive, always ready to get involved and always ready to make things better, Ray was and still remains an inspiration to me.

On reflection, I wondered whether my blog and website issues really mattered much at all. Problems to solve, yes, but beyond that not really. If they were here I know that Ray and a few other friends who have passed, would love to be solving issues like the ones I encountered.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

If you have followed my blog in the past you will see that it has a different look. There will be a few more tweaks but for the most part it’s done. It represents a fresh start for my writing and the stories about my photography. My intent is to post a couple of articles a month but that could change.

My website is almost ready to reactivate. It too, will have a different look and should be up and running in the next few weeks.  In a previous blog article I wrote about my  Greeting Card project. There will be a page on my website  devoted to the card collection and how the cards can be purchased.

The image I’ve included with this article was made from the beach of the Cedar Creek Regional Park in Kelowna, B.C. It’s a lovely park on the shores of Lake Okanagan. Many walk there and because it is an off leash dog park most of those walkers are accompanied by their dogs.

Smoke from nearby wildfires provided the perfect backdrop for this waterskier.


On most of my visits to the park I take my camera. There is always something to photograph. This image was taken early on a day when smoke from wild fires in the area  almost completely obscured the lake’s distant shore. The unmistakeable roar of an approaching ski boat roused my camera to action. I loved how the smoke filtered sunlight caught the boat, its wake and the skier.


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