Website Project: Up and Running at Last

Eight months ago Covid 19  lockdowns were just beginning.  With ‘in the bubble’ living just beginning we were facing  a  summer of isolation.

The lockdown, I hoped, would be a good time to make progress on a few projects. 

A book about one of my favourite places to photograph, the Fascieux Creek Wetland, was top of mind. It’s a small  urban wetland in which a diversity of wildlife resides. For me,  the FCW is a very special place.  Over the last 3 or 4 years I have spent many hours there and made thousands of images.  A coffee table style book with my favourite Fascieux Creek Wetland images would be a great way to display and celebrate the beauty of this wonderful little gem.

Initial  image selections  are done but there are a few ‘holes’ to fill. So, until I can make those images the project is on hold.

My website has been in need of attention for some time. It needed  a new look, new material and perhaps e-commerce capability.

When I started my website  several years ago I built it using a theme package from Photocrati a company that offers presets that are completely  customizable.  I would pick a theme as a base and then rework it to fit my needs.

Once I understood how the customization tools worked the process  became somewhat easy. But I had to keep in mind that the tools were there to keep the user, me, away from the real site developer’s language.

Twice, I ventured too far. I still don’t know how. I’m sure the techies at Photocrati’s Help Desk were wondering, “What in the heck is he doing?” But, after several days of down time they prevailed and fixed my miss steps.

Progress has been slow. It took time to  narrow galleries to a reasonable size then number and name each image. With that done I addressed how the site would look. I felt that the ‘old look’ was too confining.  I chose a ‘sky’ for a background from an image I had made at the coast. It’s wide and expansive. Just the look and feel I was hoping for.

So, as of this morning, my website is up and running again. I love the way my images are presented. There may be the odd glitch but at this point I think it will be minor.

So, peruse and enjoy!  If you feel like it,  let me know what you think. Suggestions would be welcome. 

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  1. Alan Flynn November 5, 2020 at 1:08 am #

    Hi Stu

    A fabulous way in which to save and present your photogragphs. It must have been fairly time consuming but worth it and using your time very wisely under lockdown. You have a wonderful collection.

    I use Picasa to upload shots and to change their appearance if necessary and it works well.
    It is quite remarkable how a few clicks can transform a dull looking and lifeless photograph.

    I retain mine on a stick and also on an external hard drive. I also have almost 8500 on Flickr. I didn’t take as many before I started on FB and now I can take up to 50 on one outing and dont wish to waste many so I post 10-20 when necessary into several groups on FB. Previously I posted most of my shots on Flickr and now find it almost impossible because I have so many. The use of Flickr helped me pass time at our daughter’s when we were in Canada because time is not always easy to fill in when you are away from home. Now that we have to pay say almost $100 dollars to Flickr I must consider my options.

    Have said that I have my regular viewers on FB and friendships have developed. Lockdown starts here today until the 2nd December so travelling is out of the question but there are lotsts of opportunities here for photographs. I love sunrises. I peek out of our bedroom window through the wood to see if there is a tinge of orange/red and off I go on a three minute drive to the sea front.

    Take care and keep up the great work. I often wonder what will happened to my photographs that I have retained.



    • Stu Dale November 11, 2020 at 11:27 am #

      Thanks for commenting Alan. I have friends that use Picasa. They have been very happy with it. I have tried Flickr but I just didn’t get on to it. I approached photography and the pandemic the same way you have. There are lots of places in our community where I can be by myself and make images. That way I satisfy my need to be creative,get a bit of exercise at the same time and stay safe. I have my favourite spots but now am trying to branch out a bit. I enjoy your photography. You are disciplined in that you photograph almost every day and then post your images. I have learned much about your surroundings which I truly value. Take care, Stu

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