Artwork 2017: Postmortem

Lake Country, B.C.’s annual September Artwalk has been my favorite venue for exhibiting and sometimes selling my photographic art.  

Acceptance to the photography section of Artwalk requires entries to pass a jurying process.   Each entry is examined by a panel of artists to determine its worthiness for exhibition.  

Looking to the future I would like to see all artists including photographers, juried on the same basis, on their body of work. Then, when Artwalk comes along each artist that passes jurying would select the pieces they would like to exhibit. But that’s a topic for another discussion.  

In the years I have taken part in Artwalk I have sold at least one of the pieces that passed the jurying test. This was not the case this year. But overall, I am pleased with the Artwalk experience. I’ve met many wonderful artists and learned much from them. And I have had the opportunity to chat with many friends and community members who have come out to observe a wide variety of art.  

In preparation for next year’s Artwalk, it’s 25th anniversary, I’ll have to start preparations earlier. This is an area I haven’t done well in recent years.  

There are artists in our community who are very well known. They have built a name and reputation that allows them to command a high price for their work. Even though I have made regular appearances at Artwalk I am not in that group.  

I love the piece that I exhibited at this year’s Artwalk. Shown below,  it is representative of the quality I have aimed for each and every time I develop an image from camera to a finished, framed work of art.  

Rhythm of the Rain

This year I set a price higher than I normally would. I wanted to see what the reaction would be. While many were very interested in how I made the image and were complementary of its quality it remains in my possession.  

So, over the next few months I’ll be examining how I produce a framed, finished image. Camera and development time are constants. Presentation, the printing and framing of the image are variables. Setting a fair price with a margin that fairly compensates for my intellectual time is the elusive factor I am searching for.  

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  1. Rick Thomas September 29, 2017 at 7:22 pm #

    Stu. your skills are wonderful. One thing you may want to look at is to focus your subject to just one subject. In your last piece you showed two subjects: the reeds and the water were the rain strikes the lake. Both have character and a story. Try one subject at time, you will find a story in each one that you can expand on. Good to see you growing over the last few years. There is a master just around the corner.

    • Stu Dale October 2, 2017 at 9:58 pm #

      Thanks Rick! I appreciate your comments and insight into my work.

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