Found Time: Developing Images and Skills

Retired folk are supposed to have lots of free time. That’s what retirement is all about I thought. In my case that’s time to shoot lots and to learn about the intricacies of the software I use to process my images.

Not so! That retired time I dreamed of seems to get filled up very quickly. So when an hour or more of ‘found time’ becomes available I grab it. Wait time at a car dealership as my car is being serviced or as happened this week, travel time on a cross-country flight. Both are ideal examples of time that can be put to good use without much interruption. With a little planning that time can become very useful.

Before boarding our return flight to Kelowna this past Tuesday, I utilized the wifi service at the Windsor airport to move a few images from Lightroom mobile on my iPhone to the full version of Lightroom on my laptop. I thought I would take advantage of the 3 or 4 hour flight to practice a few workflow scenarios for images that originated with my iPhone.

I spent the better part of the flight on one image. Captured in the fall in Victoria with my iPhone I imagined an end result and got to work. I don’t usually spend that much time on a single image but riding high on a plane to Calgary it was time to experiment.

Once in Lightroom I optimized  the image for exposure, sharpness and noise. After that I turned to the ‘edit in’ function and moved the image to Photoshop. There, I  employed a battery of plugins from NIK Software and Topaz Labs to realize the artistic vision I had for the subject when I made the original photograph.

Colour of a fallen maple leaf still beautiful

Before I knew it, our flight attendant directed us to prepare for landing Calgary. Satisfied, I saved my ‘edits’ to Lightroom and my image library. Packing up I wondered whether our long ‘down under’ flight in the Spring would have been more comfortable with a similar mental diversion.

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