History: A Photographic Opportunity

‘Prof. Loft’ at the University of Victoria could make Canadian history come alive. His lectures captivated me. It was one of my favourite subjects.

That was a long time ago but my interest in history and how our landscape has evolved is still of interest to me. “How did our forefathers cope with such an inhospitable environment?” and “How were they able to build such wonderful structures with tools that we would term primitive?” are questions I often ask myself while on my travels.

In most of Australia’s cities the beauty of historic architecture both domestic and commercial is very evident.  Individual houses have unique rooflines, verandas and facades. Commercial and government building are made of stone and are usually quite ornate. It is wonderful to see  that history and heritage is important to Australians and  that their buildings are restored and repurposed rather than torn down in favour of new modern structures.

Some of these buildings are more that 100 years old. They are often surrounded by modern, tall structures. The contrast is remarkable. Both are beautiful but it’s the old that seem to tell a story. These buildings reach back in time to reveal a resilient forward thinking heritage.



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