Aussie Cuisine: Pie, Slice, Flat White

Australian summertime temperatures, particularly in the semi arid and desert regions of the continent often exceed 40 degrees Celsius. For the remainder to the year temperatures tend to moderate. This is especially so in coastal regions where most of Australia’s 24 million residents reside.

Family activities, sports and restaurants all thrive under these moderate conditions. Parks are very popular and often have protective awnings from the still dangerous sun. Community barbeques located in many parks are very well used. Also popular are bakeries and restaurants with outdoor seating and patios.

An inexpensive coffee as we would find in North America doesn’t seem to exist in Australia. I had thought that McDonald’s universal menu would include my favourite, a “medium coffee, 3 creams”. Not so!

Australian McDonald’s fondly referred to as Macca’s, have barista machines and serve a small selection of specialty coffees at a cost of about $4.00 or more. In fact, barista machines can be found in the vast majority of coffee shops.

Restaurant patios present themselves in many different forms. They are prevalent wherever there is shade from the sun and room on the sidewalk. A small meat pastry or pie and cheesecake are inviting choices to accompany my favourite coffee, a flat white. Very tasty and addictive despite the price.

Enjoying a relaxing moment in Hahnsdorf, South Australia


I photographed many street side patios. Those in small towns were particularly interesting. Visitors and towns folk alike seemed to revel in these colourful, active gathering places.

Patio in the trees in Flinders, New South Whales

A patio in Glenelg, South Australia, in the shade of beautiful palms

The Hahnsdorf Inn, a colourful, street side patio in South Australia

A busy seaside patio near Glenelg, South Australia

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