Travel Well: Pack Light

By the time Ellen and I return to Kelowna following our almost 6 week trip to Australia and New Zealand we will have taken 8 separate flights. Packing personal affects and clothing for that period of time while remaining within airline weight restrictions has been a challenge. 

Camera and computer equipment was a huge consideration. It’s heavy and valuable. ‘Essentials only’ would be the major criteria.   

In addition to my camera and an 18mm to 140mm ‘walk about’ lens, camera batteries, a charger and a power adapter to the Australian 240 volt domestic power outlets were absolute ‘musts’. What else could I reasonably pack? 

While there was little room for anything else in my carry on, , I decided to include a 70 to 300 mm lens and a 12 to 24mm lens in my ‘checked’ luggage. Normally, I refrain from doing this. I don’t like to put my equipment where harm to it or loss of it, might occur. So I wrapped each securely and stowed them tightly with my shoes. I’m glad I brought them. They have given me some wonderful creative options.  

Again, thinking of weight restrictions I decided not to include my laptop and external hard drive. Instead, I planned to take advantage of the wifi function of my camera to connect and then copy images to my iPhone or iPad. There, with Snapseed and Markstra, I’ve been able to develop and mark them with my copyright symbol before posting them to Facebook. I decided also to include an external keyboard so that I could more easily write and post articles to my blog.  

It has been 7 years since our last visit to Australia and New Zealand. We enjoy this part of the world so much. Everyone, most especially our friends, has been so welcoming. I hope that the images I make while here capture the beauty of the landscape and the spirit of the people. Perhaps a few will have some artistic merit. 

Old ship ways are an indication of Australia’s long association with the the sea.

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