A Dreary Day: Always Something to Photograph

For the first time in five years we have not spent the winter in the desert southwest. While missing friends and the endless ‘summer’ activities afforded by the Arizona climate we have enjoyed being home.

Regardless of the weather, I like to get out with my camera. Often, this can result in images that are unique with greater interest and drama.

There is a downside to being out in marginal weather. Ensuring the readiness of my gear without consideration of weather conditions has often resulted in coughs, colds and generally an unproductive mood. The couch becomes and easy option. Interest in photography had waned.

Feeling sorry for myself recently after having suffered from the affects of a cold for several weeks, I looked out of our living room to a fog shrouded landscape. It was dreary but it was an opportunity I could not ignore. With calm winds I knew that there would be great potential to make some interesting images. I was gone.

Wandering along Kelowna’s waterfront for several hours I found lots to photograph. Of the 60 or 70 images I made a handful had some merit. Most important though, I got out with my camera. My motivation to being out and about regularly had been renewed.

Rain covered windshield and bright lights

The image above was captured on a bad weather day. It was foggy and rainy. The colours of cars and their lights combined with the pattern of water on my windshield  made an interesting representation of winter. 

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  1. Brenda Larson February 19, 2017 at 10:31 pm #

    Thank goodness for wipers! Very neat image!

    • Stu Dale February 20, 2017 at 12:28 pm #

      Thanks Brenda! It was a good way to stay dry and make a bad weather image.

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