The Great Blue Heron: A Continuing Story

The Great Blue Heron…majestic, solitary, territorial. In recent months I have made many attempts to photography the Great Blue that is the resident heron of the Fascieux Creek Wetland in Kelowna’s lower Mission area. While I have been somewhat successful this heron knows his territory. Most of the time it cunningly locates itself behind a wall of reeds or is perched high in an old snag.

A Great Blue Heron resting on the rocks near the Oak Bay Marina.

A Great Blue Heron resting on the rocks near the Oak Bay Marina.

In Victoria where we have been visiting for the last month it is a much different story. I have spent a lot of time along the Dallas Road and Beach Drive waterfront. Great Blue’s are much more evident.

Within an easy walk of our residence is the Oak Bay Marina. Two herons seem to reside close by. One in particular has caught my attention. On a number of occasions it has allowed me into its space. As long as I move slowly and oblique to its location I can get quite close. Last week the two of us sat staring at each other on the rocks about 20 feet apart.

Regardless of the weather its routine seems to be quite regimented. It will hunt, rest while standing on one leg seemingly for hours and fly off to its perch in a nearby oak tree. Then with a loud squawk its routine begins again. It flies off to a nearby beach for another hunting expedition. At some point it returns to where I first spotted it. I love the way it moves in on its prey, catches it, deftly tossing it about before sending it down its gullet.

The image quality of my Nikon d7200 even at higher ISO settings is excellent. It is ideal for ‘birding’. Its cropped sensor when compared to a full frame camera sensor increases the reach of my lenses by a factor of 1.5. So my 70mm to 300mm lens would seem like a 105mm to 450mm lens. For my budget and shooting style it is perfect.

In the few days that remain of our Victoria visit I’ll be out and about with my camera as much as I can. There is so much to photograph. And I will remain on the case of the elusive, Great Blue Heron.

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