Image Explorations: A Little Humour

For a few moments the silence was deafening. This evolved to quiet, guarded whispers, “Oh…Oh My..!”

Image Explorations 2016 had begun. Two classroom sessions preceded our first shoot. We had found our way to a secluded section of the Koksilah River near Shawnigan Lake, B.C. Huge cedar and fir trees bordered the river. Quiet pools bookended by rocky sections of granite made for an idyllic scene. Last week the river was running quietly. By the looks of the riverbed I imagined that this river could turn into an angry torrent in rainy season.

This was my fourth year of attendance at what I like to refer as my summer photography boot camp. For the second year in succession I participated in a workshop led by Laurie Klein, a well-known photographic educator and expert in infrared photography.

Laurie’s goal is to help each one of her students discover and pursue their ‘photographic voice’. For me, this meant defining myself as an artist. After having participated in her course last year and being so impressed with her approach I decided to register again. As it turned out this was a very good decision.

There were four ‘repeaters’ in this year’s group of 10 photographers. Most were professionals seeking to refine their skills and vision. The rest, like myself, attended for the pure love of photography.

Last year one of our shooting sessions involved nude models, both male and female. This year we would again be shooting in outdoor settings but this time all three sessions would involve unclothed female and male models.

Having photographed nude models last year I was over my initial reticence. My approach would be to build on what I learned last year and extend my creativity even further.

The hike down a steep trail to the river was not too difficult. All of us seemed to take in the surrounding beauty as we reached the river’s edge.

Depositing my gear on the rocky ground I made a mental note of promising compositions. And then to everyone’s surprise the male models deposited their clothing on the rocks. They were eager to get at it. After a chuckle and instructions from Laurie we set up our cameras and began making our images. More about this next time…

Becoming One With Nature

Becoming One With Nature


The image I’ve included here is very similar to one I made last year. It was the same model, same location and same costume. The difference was my choice of lens. Here I used my Nikon 12 -24 wide angle zoom. With this lens I achieved a perspective where the model seems to be wrapped about the moss covered rock.

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