Packing the Bag: Essential Gear

Cruise Ship at the dock in twilight at Ogden Point, Victoria, B.C.

Cruise Ship at the dock in twilight at Ogden Point, Victoria, B.C.

Most photographers have favourite places to shoot. Around my home in Kelowna, B.C. there are many places I like to visit and photograph but my favourite locations to photograph are on Vancouver Island.

Areas around Victoria, B.C. and in small places like Genoa Bay, Cowichan Bay and Tofino are where I absolutely love to photograph. I find the colour, bustling activity and tranquility of the west coast to be so beautiful and captivating.

Next week I’ll be attending Image Explorations 2016, my annual photography boot camp on Vancouver Island. There I’ll be studying and enjoying fine art photography with instructor Laurie Klein and interacting with many photographers some of whom I have met previously at IE. And of course, I’ll be taking advantage of ‘free time’ opportunities to get out and explore with my camera.

Prior to leaving I’ll make sure my gear is clean and in working order. Clean lenses and camera sensors are a must. Small specks of dust amazingly will show up on a print and add extra time to image processing.

I pay particular attention to batteries, memory cards and weather protection. Obviously, batteries must be charged. A battery charger is always in my camera bag and readily available. I also keep a spare, fully charged camera battery in my bag. These tend to be expensive but cheaper ‘no name’ batteries can be purchased at most camera stores or on line. I picked up my spare battery at a local camera store for half the price of the name brand version.

Since moving to a Nikon d7200 and its larger file size I’ve purchased 64GM memory cards. This larger size allows me to keep images on a card until I download them to my hard drive and back them up. Even though my camera has 2 card slots I keep several spare cards in my bag.

Part of my essential gear is a weather cover for my camera and lens. I use it in wet weather and as well as in dusty conditions.

The steps I take to get ready for a photo shoot are not earth shaking. They are common sense and have become routine activity.

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