Up and Running, again….

Almost three weeks ago I was in the midst of program upgrades to my blog platform, WordPress and my theme provider, Photocrati. It should have been as simple as pushing a button. It wasn’t. Well, the button was pushed but the desired results did not happen. My website and blog completely locked up. Not good!!!

Trying to solve the problem was somewhat complicated by my lack of patience and a few unforced errors. But in the end the problems were solved. I now have a new hosting company, SiteGround. This company’s tech support and those at Photocrati were outstanding. They helped me understand the issues and then worked with me to get online once again.

Today, my blog is alive and well as is my website. I had contemplated a complete redesign of my blog and spent quite a bit of time exploring various ideas. In the end however, I was happy with my current design so made only a few minor changes. The website will take a bit longer. While it is still active it will be refreshed with new image galleries and hopefully an ecommerce section.

In my search for a suitable replacement image for the header of my blog I came across the image below of a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Taken in a 2009 near Cairnes in Queensland, Australia it was part of a group of cockatoos cavorting in the upper reaches of the trees outside our hotel room. The framing of the cockatoo by the tree fronds makes this a very interesting image.


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