Geezers on the Road: Kootenay National Park

The last time Ellen and I journeyed to the Canadian Rockies was in September of 2008. Travelling with our wonderful friends from Australia, John and Elizabeth Bradley, we camped near Field, B.C. and later toured   Banff, Alberta. Having not seen John and Elizabeth since their return to Australia in the early 1970’s our friendship was renewed in grand fashion.

The mountains were spectacular as they reached to the sky. And more so, were the reflections we encountered in Emerald Lake. The grandeur of the moment left a lasting impression with me. Finally, after all this time I have the opportunity to return.

Tomorrow, I will join five of my photography friends on a trip to Kootenay National Park. We’ve decided to base our trip in Radium Hot Springs, B.C. This small town overlooks the Columbia Wetlands, an area where some of the world’s best wildlife viewing areas are located. With a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains we will have some awesome opportunities to make great images.

The six of us, the Thursday Morning Shooters, meet weekly on Thursday morning for coffee and chat about our photography and other topics. Our backgrounds are very different but we all share a great love of photography. This trip to Kootenay National Park has been in the works for a while. We are all looking forward to getting on the road. Regardless of the weather we will spend as much time as possible making photographs. At the end of each day we will have long follow up discussions around the campfire.

Calm waters invite boaters to enjoy the beauty found in the Canadian Rockies at Emerald Lake.

Calm waters invite boaters to enjoy the beauty found in the Canadian Rockies at Emerald Lake.

The image above was captured in 2008. It is one of my favorites from that trip. It was a time when my foray into digital photography was just beginning. My camera, a Nikon d70s was my pride and joy. I’m very proud of the images I made with that camera and since that time have learned so much.

Stay tuned for future articles in which I will share images and experiences for my 2016 trip to Kootenay National Park.

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  1. Monika Smith June 24, 2016 at 5:03 am #

    Stu this photo is absolutely stunning! Reminds me of why we moved here to Kaslo. Our Kootenay Mountains cannot compare to the foothills of Kelowna, great pic!!!

    • Stu Dale June 24, 2016 at 7:03 am #

      Thanks Monika. It is a lovely part of the country and a place I love to visit.

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