My Trash: Not Always What Others See

For several years I’ve had a vision of capturing images of brightly coloured fall leaves against a snow covered landscape. Usually, by the end of October we are off on our winter excursion to Arizona. Our interlude to Michigan for American Thanksgiving had not yet provided that opportunity. So again this year I was not hopeful.

I was really looking forward to this year’s trip to Michigan. For the first time we would be able to watch Reese, our grand daughter, play in a hockey tournament. I really wanted to capture game action shots of her. A month long stay in Victoria, B.C. resulted in a mind numbing cold. Heading out on photo walks under dressed for damp and wet weather came at a cost. I was determined not to let my cold get in the way of my objective.

There were not many warm places at rink side but I shuttled back and forth between the rink and the coffee shop to at least keep the freezing air from seeping into my bones. Thankfully, I managed a few good shots during the Friday evening game.

We awoke to 25 cm of snow on Saturday morning in Lansing, Michigan. A beautiful sight to say the least but I had little desire for a photo walk.

Between the 1st and 2nd period of the morning game it was still snowing. And there they were….trees still in their fall regalia covered with snow. The opportunity I had been waiting for was there.

Despite my cold I was out the door. My usual enthusiasm was not there but I managed to capture several images.

Back at our hotel I transferred my images to my iPhone using my new camera’s wifi capabilities and processed several with Snapseed. I was not overly impressed with any of them. Yet after uploading 3 of them to Facebook, I was surprised and thankful  to received many ‘likes’ and wonderful comments. But I wondered why I didn’t see what many others did. Where others could see that my image was interesting I, at the time, could not.

Perhaps it was the small screen of my iPhone combined with my ever diminishing geezerly eye sight. Most likely though, it was the fact that I was just not in the mood to properly evaluate my images. I did conclude that even when under duress,  much practice has honed my ability to recognize light and determine effective compositions.

The beautiful colours of fall stand out against a snow covered background.

The beautiful colours of fall stand out against a snow covered background.

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  1. Florian December 1, 2015 at 1:20 pm #

    Guess it’s seeing the yellow blended with snow and not the usual deep blue sky! The colours pop enough and you will not need the complementary to enhance it.. The two atmospheres of fall and winter come together, very nice!

    • Stu Dale December 2, 2015 at 6:58 am #

      Thanks Florian. I thought of it as fall colours on a monochrome background.

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