On Being a Geezer: Unforced Errors

Victoria is our home base for a month. Photographically speaking its like being in a candy store. There is so much to shoot.

The enthusiasm of wanting to be out shooting this week has led to a few mishaps. In fact, they fit with my ‘run of three’ theory. Luck, good or bad runs in threes.

Monday, I downloaded a batch of images to Lightroom. I discovered though that my weekend of shooting did not transfer over to my computer. I tried everything. They showed up on the screen of my camera but not on my computer.

I even sent an emergency email to Aura McKay, a Lightroom guru, who in August helped me clean up my photo libraries. She was unable to solve the mystery. Putting the issue aside I replaced the SD card in my camera. Then it hit me. My camera has two SD cards. When number one is full, images are stored on  number two. It didn’t occur to me that my new camera has twice as many megapixels as my old one. The cards fill up faster! All that time and energy spent to solve such a simple problem.

Tuesday evening I put my camera battery in the charger. In the morning, my plan was go shooting after I had completed my workout at the Y.

At the water taxi terminal, Wednesday after my workout I prepared my camera. A test shot to check exposure…. nothing! No Battery!

It was a nice voyage to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Stunning is an understatement when one tries to describe the view along Dallas Road. I love the drive. Wednesday afternoon at Ross Bay I noticed a Great Blue Heron hunting from a floating kelp bed. I stopped and parked.

I slid over the railing to the rocky beach. Immediately, I found that walking was difficult and noisy. The rocks were like ball bearings. Keeping my distance and trying to move quietly I located myself against a pile of old logs about a meter above the water line. I had a good view of the heron. It didn’t seem to mind my presence.

After a dozen or so shots I decided to shift my position. As I did so the rocks beneath my feet began to move. In a split second an impending disaster began to unfold. My feet slipped from under me. Falling backward my hip hit a log. All I could think of was protecting my camera.

Flat on my back I had my camera still in hand held high. The heron had flown off. My hip hurt, my pride was a bit damaged but camera was fine. My ‘personal advisor and booking agent’ I knew would have something to say about my ‘Geezerly’ exploits.

A Great Blue Heron patiently waits for its next meal.

A Great Blue Heron patiently waits for its next meal.

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  1. Brenda Larson October 22, 2015 at 9:41 pm #

    Good thing you got your three things in the first week – should be smooth sailing for the rest of your time there!

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