Releasing My Inner Creativity

Last week, sitting at almost 40,000 feet in a Boeing 737 on a flight from Windsor, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta I finally put my mind on a new blog topic. Finding time to write has been difficult during the last 3 or 4 weeks. Trips to Victoria, B. C. and Flatrock, Michigan, both to visit family have kept my mind on other topics. While I did get out for a few short photos walks, writing and serious photo shoots just did not happen.

Regular exercise is important to this old Geezer. So while we were away I managed to fit in a 2 mile walk on most days as well as a bit of pickleball. “Must keep the ticker ticking!” While on my walks I like to listen to podcasts produced by Nik Software under the banner Nik Radio. They are freely available on iTunes. In each, host Scott Shepard interviews well known photographers about their photography, the gear they use and of course about how Nik Software fits into their creative workflow. They are fascinating to listen to. Have a listen yourself.

A frozen puddle, tire tracks and the reflection of a kayak on a car roof, an interesting composition.

A frozen puddle, tire tracks and the reflection of a kayak on a car roof, an interesting composition.

One of my favourite podcasts features Tony Sweet. Well known not only for his creative approach to photography his series of workshops and photo excursions is also very popular. Each of his workshops is organized to take advantage of a particular natural phenomenon, season or location where image making can be quite spectacular.

This interview resonated with me so much that I purchased two of Tony’s ebooks, as well as a DVD set entitled, Visual Artistry, The Art of Pre-Visualization in Modern Digital Photography. He has produced other resources which I’m sure at some point will come into my possession.

His narrative  is not so much about gear. It is about how one might use all the tools available to them to release their own creativity. He presents easily followed ideas and suggestions and above all he encourages us to experiment, experiment, experiment.

Creativity, Tony believes is something that all of us have. We are born with it. It is not learned. Rather, it is revealed by circumstances specific to our own particular environment.

While I have always been interested in art and photography I didn’t consider myself to be creative. Over the years since retirement I’ve changed that opinion. Encouragement from friends, acceptance to art shows and galleries and certainly getting out to practice what I have learned all contribute to my greater expressive confidence.  I seem to be crossing over to the other side….. creativity is emerging.

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  1. Suzanne June 24, 2015 at 12:53 pm #

    Wonderful read, and thanks for introducing me to the Podcasts…I’ll certainly check them out..

    • Stu Dale June 24, 2015 at 8:22 pm #

      Thanks Suzanne. I’m sure you will enjoy the podcasts. I love listening to them when I’m at the gym or out for a walk.I’ve learned a lot from them.

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