Blog Silence: A Creative Funk

Photography and blogging has been on the back burner this past two weeks. I’ve been distracted. This month two friends both of whom had a huge impact on me passed away. Louise Burgart was a colleague of mine during my term on the Council of the B.C. College of Teachers. Her patient demeanour helped Council navigate though some difficult times. Stanley French was a former president and later Director of Communication and Executive Director of the British Columbia Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association. His integrity, honesty, and friendship guided me through my term as the Association’s president. My thoughts this past few weeks have been with them. I will miss them both.

Yesterday, I was finally able to sit down with my images and begin the process of selecting those that I will post to my website. My website has been active for several years. As mentioned previously, I built it. For some, not a big deal. But for me, a Geezer, it has been a real challenge at times.

I chose my site on a WordPress platform. That was fortunate. I found lots of material on You Tube and on the ‘Net’ to guided me through the process. Even better, I purchased a theme package from Photocrati. It provided the look that appealed to me. In my opinion, their technical support was second to none. It had to be.

A ‘tinkerer’ at heart, I’m always tweaking and trying to make changes to my website. Sometimes, that’s been good but on other occasions it’s been a disaster. Lots of lessons learned.

Scrutinizing my images has been interesting. I’ve become really picky. Images that at one time I wouldn’t hesitate to post on my website or for that matter on Facebook or Flickr, now don’t make the cut. So, in the next few weeks and certainly before I return to Canada my website will have a different look and much of the content will have been changed. Stay tuned!

The skeleton of the S.S. Dicky slowly erodes into the sand

The skeleton of the S.S. Dicky slowly erodes into the sand

This image will make the cut. The S.S. Dicky ran aground in February 1893 on what is now called Dicky Beach near Caloundra, Queensland in Australia. Plans are in place to move the wreck as a matter of public safety.

I was on Dicky beach well before sunrise on a beautiful morning in April, 2010. Several other photographers showed up shortly after my arrival. Sunrise was spectacular. I captured images from many different angles. My only regret is that I didn’t have a tripod due to airline weight restrictions. A long exposure image would have been great. Now I’ll have to live with this image and others I captured at the time. The wreck of the S.S. Dicky will have been moved by the time I get there again. Dang!!!

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  1. John bradley February 23, 2015 at 1:05 am #

    Hi Stu
    Stunning photo I love the angle the Dickey seems alive and almost looks like it is about to move off the beach into the wave So many of likewise great shots of the wreck don’t capture the essence of the shop being a moving thing You’ve given it a life The reflections also add depth My childrens book “The Little Lighthouse ” gets published on the 18th April. It’s been a struggle. The last few months I had a cantankerous editor who was determined to make it her book.

    • Stu Dale February 23, 2015 at 7:01 pm #

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your comments and perception of my image of the S.S.Dicky.I loved being out there on Dicky Beach and had hoped to go there again when next we travel to Australia. She is likely moved by now. Good news about your book. Too bad you had to go such lengths to ensure its integrity.

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