An Image Finally Realized: The Georgina Point Lighthouse

Active Pass, named after a US Navy survey ship in 1855 could very well have been named for the waters that force their way through this narrow passage. It is about 5.5 km in length and separates Galliano Island from Mayne Island. Never really still, the waters course back and forth through the pass with the ever changing tide.

Marine traffic including pleasure and commercial fishing boats, freighters, and the B.C. Ferries navigate Active Pass every day. Ferries that join Vancouver Island to the mainland of British Columbia pass very close together at a much reduced speed.

I have travelled this route since the inception of the B.C. Ferries System in 1960. It provides a panoramic snapshot of the landscape that comprises the Southern Gulf Islands.

Often, I have my camera with me on the chance that I might capture an interesting image. One image has eluded me for years…the Georgina Point lighthouse on Mayne Island. Guarding the eastern entrance to Active Pass it stands out against a background of rocks and trees ensuring that mariners steer their boats safely into the Pass.

I’ve captured many images of the lighthouse at Georgina Point. However, I have not been satisfied with many of them. That is, until recently. Last year in October during a trip to Vancouver Island I had another opportunity capture that elusive image.

Conditions this time were perfect. The distant background was shrouded in fog and seemed to merge easily with the sea. Bright, muted sunlight illuminated the foreground. The red roofs and white walls of the Georgina Point buildings stood out so brightly. As if applied by a painter’s brush the colours of the sea birds, trees and the kelp covered fore shore further emphasized the beauty I saw in this scene.

The Georgina Point Lighthouse guards the eastern entrance to Active Pass.

The Georgina Point Lighthouse guards the eastern entrance to Active Pass.

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