A Rusty View

Image capture would seem to be a simple process. “Click” and you’ve got it. Right? Well, I don’t know about everyone else but I’m a Geezer and I really need to ‘think out’ my compositions and desired outcome. I need time.

It’s taken me awhile to learn to create interesting, eye-catching compositions. Sometimes, the composition might work but the lighting does not. When that’s the case I’ll plan to make a return visit when the light is likely to be more advantageous to my composition.

Lens choice is important. Wide-angle lenses produce very a different view than that of a telephoto lens. Most often I use my Nikon 18mm to 140mm. Often, I’ll use my Nikon 12mm to 24mm wide-angle zoom. Occasionally, I use my 50mm prime.

Finally, when it comes to actually pushing the button I make sure that I capture all the digital data possible. To do this I capture images in the ‘Raw’ format. And I pay close attention to the histogram and highlight indicator on my camera’s screen. The more I can do within my camera the easier it is to develop the image with my computer.

Starting point to an interesting and creative process

Starting point to an interesting and creative process

It was mid day when I was wandering about the Goldfield Ghost Town near Apache Junction in Arizona. I wasn’t going to be able to make a return visit so I had to do the best I could with the dynamic range of tones. To avoid the harshness of the sunlight I tried to have my subject sheltered somewhat by the shadows of buildings or overhanging trees.


I was intrigued by the color of the rust on the hood of the tractor and the opposing blacks in the worn out tire. I used the steering column as a diagonal lead-in to the depths of the image. The eye I reasoned would be drawn back to the color and texture of the central part of the image.

Yellow seemed to have been the original colour of the tractor. In making this image I decided to keep the yellow as the base color with the texture and colours of the rust pushing through.

The beautiful colour of rust and texture is found in this old tractor.

The beautiful colour of rust and texture is found in this old tractor.

In its final form my image has depth and it shows the colour of the rust and texture emerging through and flowing over the tractor’s yellow hood. I had tried to accomplish all of this in Lightroom but moved the image into Photoshop where I used Nik’s Viveza and Colour Efex Pro 4 to come to the end result.

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