What a Change!

We are on a new adventure, Arizona and the long drive to get there. Previously we had made our way to the Desert South West through Las Vegas, NV.  Different scenery was our plan this time. Never having been to Bryce Canyon National Park we headed that way. South of Salt Lake City, UT, however, we encountered mechanical issues with the truck and trailer. Fortunately, we were able to get the repairs done quickly. It was not cheap. The way I figure it the cost of repairs combined new tires and brakes was enough to purchase return tickets to Australia. Maybe next year!

A drive of 2500 kilometers yields an ever-changing landscape. Huge trees and dense undergrowth are common along the coast of British Columbia.

Leaving B.C. and driving south towards Arizona the changes are dramatic. In reality those changes are based on water. The coast is regularly showered with rain resulting in lush, green forests. Huge trees some over 900 years old can still be found here. Once a common sight, many have fallen to the loggers axe.

But as the landscape becomes dryer, plants that grow there have adapted. They conserve water. They are spaced farther apart and have widespread root systems to gather and store as much of the precious water as possible.

Desert foliage with a background of jagged mountains.

Desert foliage with a background of jagged mountains.

The plants of the Desert South West are dramatically different than those of the Coastal Rain Forest. Each has adapted to its environment. Water is the variable and what a difference its availability makes.


There is lots to do here in Arizona but photography will be my priority. Art shows, photography courses and even a photography club to join will keep me busy. I’ll keep you regularly posted.

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