Fathers’ Day….some special thoughts

Dad was a hard man. Stubborn, tough…at times, hard to like let alone love. I can find a few bumps to show where we often butted heads. But considering his era – World War I, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and World War II – he turned out pretty well. In reality he turned his grade 8 education into a pretty successful life.

Looking back I wonder what he passed on to my sisters and I. Certainly in me there is a stubborn streak. My personal advisor and booking agent won’t believe that I put that thought in print. (….fingers crossed behind my back.)

On another plain though, there are the values…. values of family, honesty, hard work and friendship. I see those same values in our son’s and their families. And in my sisters and their families. He would be very proud.

In later life his love for music emerged when he joined the Arion Male Choir in Victoria, B.C. Singing became his real passion as photography has become mine. I know for sure that he didn’t pass that ability on to me. Even when Parkinson’s disease took hold of his body he still managed to take his place with his beloved choir.

As evidenced by the boxes of slides and black and whites in our basement he also loved photography. His camera traveled everywhere with him. I loved it when night fell. The window blinds were pulled, the doors were shut and the kitchen was turned into a darkroom. It was there that the magic of photography came to life for me. It was such a special time.

Now, watching our grandchildren grow, learn and develop I marvel at their world. Digital everything! Their interests and values are emerging. These are what will carry them through their lives as they have done for me.

Many years have passed since my dad left us. Age has given me a different perspective of his life and on fatherhood. There are no lessons. Only experiences, values, hard work, honesty and trying to do the right thing are there to help set that course.

My wife and our family are the most important aspects of my life as is life long learning. There are so many challenges on my bucket list. So many things to experience and learn. Photography is at the root of most of them. Time is shortening for me to realize all of my bucket list ambitions but I’m sure as hell going to try.

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  1. Suzanne June 16, 2014 at 3:45 pm #

    Hi Stu, very nicely written article, my favourite quote is: If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change…so true when we look back on our own times with our parents..

    Stu, I have messaged you on Facebook in the private message area with my email address to set up a time to meet and talk about art walk but I am not sure if you access or are familiar with FB messenger at all so here is my email. suzannewilliams2012@gmail.com…drop me a line would like to meet any time thurs or friday..

    • Stu Dale June 22, 2014 at 5:55 pm #

      Thanks for you comment about my Fathers’ Day post Suzanne. It was an interesting article write and in some ways difficult.
      Thanks for meeting me on Thursday. I look forward to future talks.

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