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“ End of a Road Trip,” my last blog post, marked our departure from Phoenix, AZ and the beginning of a long trek back to our home in, Kelowna, B.C. Desert to the tail end of wintery Canadian weather took a bit of time to adjust to.

Back at my computer desk with all my travel images saved to my main catalogue and backed up I set out to refresh my website and blog. Unhappy with how my site looked and how it coordinated with my blog I realized that much more than just tinkering was required. It was a task that I’ve thought about for some time. I finally got at it.

I constructed my site using WordPress as the platform and a theme package from Photocrati. A neighbor, a young artist, graciously provided the moral support I needed as I stepped into the world of techies and geeks. I’ve suffered through a hacking episode and numerous self-inflicted glitches. The technical support crew at Photocrati have been fantastic. They have been very patient with this old geezer.

A desire to learn about the general interest in my blog and website motivated me to install Google Analytics. I expected visits from Canada and the United States but much to my surprise I found that interest was world wide including Thailand, Latvia, India and Russia.

While happy with the improvements I’ve made to my site and blog I still need to learn about what is called ‘SEO’ and I hope to find an efficient way of marketing my images through my website – lots of deep thinking for the Geezer. In the meantime, I’ll be posting again to my blog at least weekly.


The Breakwater at Odgen Point in Victoria, B.C.

The Breakwater at Odgen Point in Victoria, B.C.

Recently I noticed an article in a Victoria, B.C. newspaper about the Breakwater which protects the wharves at Ogden Point from the onslaught of storms and wave action. As a kid I would often fish and jig for squid from the wharves near the Breakwater.

The Breakwater is a wonderful construct of huge, solid granite blocks. I recalled that I had an image of the Breakwater in my West Coast collection. My image was taken from about the same location as the one printed in the article. There was one major difference – a railing. I suppose the litigious society we live in today made the railing a necessity.

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