No Fish to Fry

An April trip to Vancouver Island came with much anticipation. I love Canada’s west coast. Any time I can travel there I try to make the most of the photo opportunities that abound.

Early to bed, I rose the next morning well before sunrise, picked up my camera bag and drove to Maple Bay near Duncan, B.C., one of my favourite locations to photograph. As hopeful as I was I found nothing new. I had been here so often, I suppose I was a bit complacent. A short drive to Genoa Bay and then Cowichan Bay brought the same results. I was just not motivated. In essence there were no fish to fry.

With the sun not yet up I wondered how I could salvage the situation. On my way to the docks at Cowichan Bay I had notice the quiet waters around the boat launch. Off I went.

Looking back at the wharves and boats at anchor the emerging light was fantastic as were the reflections in the quiet waters of Cowichan Bay. My line of sight would be towards the sun. My mood improved. Perhaps I would reel in a few “fish”.

Strengthening light from the left revealled much of the details of the scene below in a silhouette. I loved how the details in the elements that faced the rising sun emerged.


The rising sun at Cowichan Bay reveals a beauty found in many locations on the British Columbia coast.

I chose this image because it reminded me of a time long past. The pilings represent a coastal logging industry that at one time was bustling and vibrant. Log booms were tied to these pilings prior to being processed by one of the many mills that were prevalent along the coast. It was also a time sadly, when the hills beyond were cleared of the old growth trees. Their beauty can be seen today in only a few protected locations.

Time has worked its wonders though, in the years that have followed. Beautiful firs, cedars and arbutus once again cover these hills. The many fishing and pleasure boats add a new vibrance this coastal scene.



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