The End of a Road Trip

After a long stay in Arizona east of Phoenix we are starting to prepare for our return to Canada … home. We’ve enjoyed our time here. The weather has been great. There have been lots of opportunities for me to capture new and interesting images. Now comes the time when I will spend serious time on the computer sorting, grading and developing them. That will be so much easier at home where I have the use of my large monitor and my Wacom tablet and pen.

In my last post, I described an App call ‘Golden Pic’. I acquired it so that I could identify the best time to be at a location so as to capture the ‘golden light’. On Tuesday, I set out to photograph the red rocky cliffs above Canyon Lake in the setting sun. I was ready!

When I finally finished and was on my way back to our RV, I thought I had a perfect set of images. I was on time. The light was perfect. I was happy with my exposures as I saw them on my camera’s screen. However, a closer look after downloading them onto my computer proved otherwise. It’s really hard for a geezer to think of everything and clearly I did not!

I maneuvered myself into ideal locations for my compositions. I was trying to make a panorama. My plan was to capture 5 or 6 images form several locations and stitch them together and then crop to final composition. All that worked well, I thought, except that I did not avoid the power lines. They were there and very noticeable.

‘Pilot Error’ was the biggest issue. You know, an unforced error by the operator of the camera. I forgot to set my camera in a vertical position on my tripod. After all the time to get to Canyon Lake, set up, make the composition and establish the best exposure how could I forget to set the camera properly. There’s only one answer. I’m a geezer!

So I travelled out there again on Friday evening. This time my personal advisor and booking agent travelled with me. I dare not make a mistake this time. I’m sure that as she nodded off in the front seat of the truck she kept one eye on me. Pressure.

I was happy with my results this time. I avoided the power lines by hiking down to the water’s edge and my camera was set up correctly. On the way back I made a panorama of Supersitition Mountain. It looked spectacular in the setting sun.

Canyon Lake in the golden light of sunset.

Canyon Lake in the golden light of sunset.


The beauty Superstition Mountain in the setting sun

The beauty of Superstition Mountain in the setting sun

This will be my last post for a few weeks. I will be trying to squeeze in a few more shoots out in Superior, AZ and Miami, AZ east of Phoenix. And of course we will be spending time with friends and getting packed for the journey home. It will be a busy week.

When I next post to my blog you will notice immediately that the format of my blog will have been revised. It needs a bit of a facelift. So, stay tuned. I will return!


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