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The blue waters of Canyon Lake nourish the abundance of life at the desert's edge.

The blue waters of Canyon Lake nourish the abundance of life at the desert’s edge.


Shortly, I’ll be off to Canyon Lake for a late afternoon shoot at Canyon Lake. East of Phoenix. Its a place that I’ve recently written about where desert cliffs descend into deep blue water. It has become one of my favorite places to photograph.

Golden Pic, a newly acquired app, has become part of my preparation for such trips. This app provides weather information, sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moon setting times. Most important it tells me when the blue and golden hours begin and end each day for your location.

According to my app, the golden hour of sunset will begin about 5:50 pm today at Canyon Lake. Sunset will be at 6:34 pm and the blue hour ends just after 7:00 pm. I will have about an hour to take advantage of the receding light of the sun. And the full moon will rise today at 6:54 pm.  I’ll head out around 4:00 pm. That will give me lots of time to get there and find a good location to work from.

With any luck the fishermen will have left the water and the afternoon breezes will have settled leaving calm waters and wonderful reflections.

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    So glad to hear you like our GoldenPic app!

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