Early Morning Drive

On the road…6:15 A.M and I’m late! Shouldn’t have ignored the alarm. Shouldn’t have made coffee. Already the pre dawn light was getting brighter. I needed to be at my destination by now. Another lesson for the geezer.

Two weeks ago I took a morning drive out to Canyon Lake about 15 miles from Apache Junction in Arizona. I arrived just after 8:30. It’s a beautiful location…desert descending into the lake, blue water, green saguaros and high mountain cliffs.

I knew then that the conditions were not what I had visualized for what I wanted to create. The wind was up and waves rolled down the lake. And there were a few sports fishermen anchored in inopportune places.

Before heading for home I scouted a few locations that I thought would be ideal in emerging morning light and calm waters. I had to be at the lake just as the ‘blue light’ was emerging. This morning I was late and my possibilities were now limited.

Fishermen were already on the lake when I arrived. Early breezes were just starting to disturb the lake. Sunlight painted the highest reaches of the surrounding mountains. I rushed to get my tripod and camera set up. There was little time remaining before the lake was fully disturbed by the morning breezes.

Looking across the lake an arm of the lake disappears into the canyon walls. Interesting pattern of smooth water, ripples and reflection led into its entrance. I captured a few images making sure to expose for the highlights.

Moments later it was over. The wind rose. Reflections disappeared into the waves and the silence of the moment was engulfed by the sound of motorboats. Next time I’m here it will be very early. Before the light of the rising sun graces the sky.

First rays of the sun paint the cliff walls above Canyon Lake

First rays of the sun paint the cliff walls above Canyon Lake

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