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Rollicking, majestic, colorful…adjectives that in my mind describe the work of renown British Columbia artist E.J Hughes.  Born in 1913 his career spanned 70 years. Passing away in 2007 he left a large body of work that is housed in the Vancouver Art Gallery and has been represented in public collections in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Those familiar with the British Columbia coast will recognize in his work tiny slices of life that make this part of the world so unique. Activities on the land and sea are rendered clearly and in vivid color. Simple shapes and forms skewed from reality bring life to a very unique landscape. For me his work is a constant source of inspiration.

The British Columbia coast is probably my favorite place to photograph. I love the color, the dramatic skies, wide lonely beaches, majestic trees and the constant movement on the water.

In this post I thought I would share some images that I think reflects the absolute beauty of the B.C. coast.

Fallen Giant

In the late 1960’s I worked for a professional engineer in the forests of northern Vancouver Island. On location near a logging camp in Holberg, B.C. I saw logging trucks deliver logs like this one to the mill for processing. They were huge. In some cases, the logging trucks could carry only one log. I didn’t realize it then but I was witnessing the clear cutting of the ancient rain forest of Vancouver Island. This fallen giant can be found in one of the few areas on Vancouver Island where these beautiful trees still thrive, Cathedral Grove.

Grice Bay

Dramatic clouds, long inlets and calm waters of Girce Bay near Tofino, B.C.

HIdden Cove

Hidden coves shelter small boats all along the coast.

Cattle Point

Taken with a rocky outcrop in the forground at Cattle Point near Victoria, Mount Baker can be seen on clear days year round. Like so many other snow covered peaks along the coast it rises high above the waters of Juan de Fuca and Georgia Strait.

Mackenzie Beach

Where the water meets the sky ever changing patterns are created by dramatic sunlight and the constantly moving sand, clouds and ocean.

Maple BayAt the many marinas that dot the coast yachts and fishing boats are enveloped in the golden light of sunrise.

At the coast I feel like I’m in a different world. At home really. It is so beautiful. My West Coast project is an attempt to capture that feeling with my photographs. Artists like E.J. Hughes motivate me to keep going.



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