The Big Transfer ….. Aperture to Lightroom

Over the last week or so I’ve been transferring my library of images from Aperture to the latest edition of Lightroom. For me, this is a big deal. I’ve used Apple computers exclusively and for that reason chose Aperture.

Over time I felt that Lightroom had moved beyond mainstream. It had become the preeminent program that photographers used to organize and even develop their images.

Last fall I jumped in with both feet. I purchased Lightroom 5.

Initially, I thought that I could maintain my Aperture library separately from my emerging Lightroom library. That idea soon became unworkable. There were still too many images in Aperture that I needed to work with. Keeping the status quo really defeated the purpose of getting into Lightroom.

With a little help from Adobe forums I figured out how to make the process as efficient as possible. That said however, I’ve taken the opportunity to carefully integrate my Aperture work into the file structure I created when I first set up Lightroom. In some cases this has meant transferring individual groups of only 10 or 12 images into my Lightroom file structure. So, the transfer continues. I’ve made it slow but in the end it will meet my needs exactly.

A problem emerged yesterday that put a halt to the whole process. The external drive that held my images was too small. I decided to purchase another drive with lots of room for expansion …3 TB’s.

Here’s where following advice really paid off. Everything I’ve read and seen in You Tubes advised that when setting up Lightroom, keep all images in one master folder. Following clear advice is difficult for a Geezer but in this case I did. All I had to do was drag my Lightroom Library folder to my new drive, sit back and wait for it to do its thing.

Coming in for a landing on the ice of Swan Lake

Coming in for a landing on the ice of Swan Lake

As I become more and more familiar with how Lightroom works a problem occurred that really befuddled me. I had a hard time understanding how Lightroom’s catalogue related to the actual images I had imported in to Lightroom. I’m sure others have also had the same issue. While my files were moving to the new drive I took the time to view a You Tube, Getting Started with Lightroom 5.

Part way through, the ‘Ahha’ moment occurred. I figured it out. What a relief. The catalogue structure was maintained on my computer while my images were on an external drive. There was one more step. I had to import the images on my new drive into Lightroom.  I got this underway late yesterday. It was an overnight process but this morning when I looked, ‘Voila…’ it was done. Now I just have to finish the Aperture to Lightroom transfer. With my new understanding of the process and how Lightroom is structured it should move along smoothly.

The process of moving my images into Lightroom has allowed me to rediscover some images that I had overlooked. This image of the Balloon Fest at last year’s Vernon Winter Carnival is one of my favorites. Take off on the Sunday flight was delayed due to fog. The fog made for a very monochromatic backdrop that enveloped the brightly colored balloons. My thought here was to create a feeling of quiet solitude in a lonely sky while bring out the brightness that the balloons brought to the scene.


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