Time to Reflect

‘Geezer with a Camera’ was started about six months ago to chronicle the steps I have taken to learn more about digital photography. And,…to show off my recent projects.

During that time I have posted regularly. Recently, though, I’ve taken a bit of time off to examine my blog, my website and photography.

My learning path reflects the fact that I am a geezer and retired. Too old to sit and listen and not nod off. Classroom learning is out.

Practice, practice, practice…combined with workshops, readings, webinars and You Tubes have helped me to improve my photography and computer skills. Haphazard perhaps. For the most I’ve focused on workflow and learning to use the tools from Adobe, Nik Software and Topaz Labs.

Images that I was once happy with are no longer on my ‘favorites’ list. I’ll have to decide whether I want to redo or discard them. Picky? Yes! But that is the price of learning and improving.

Over then next month or so I’ll be making changes. I’ve already made changes to the blog styling. Images should standout better and it should be easier to read. As well, I established a presence on Google Plus. New work will be displayed and I’ll be reviewing all images on my website. Some will be improved and others will go.

Stay tuned! Let me know what you think of my bog, my website and my work. I may be a geezer but I still need to keep learning.

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