Route 60…..a surprising encounter

Several days ago I was out with my camera gear along Route 60 between Superior and Globe AZ. I had been shooting out there several times in the past year. The opportunities to make interesting images are abundant. Decrepit buildings and rusty old cars contributed to a rather stark landscape. For me this was ideal.

On my first trip there I happened to meet the owner of a collectables shop. Nice lady. She invited me to take all the pictures I wanted in her shop. I sent her a selection of my favorites from the shoot. We had a very pleasant conversation I left.

Back in the area again last week I thought I would see if her shop was open. And, I hoped that she would be there. Perhaps, I thought, she would be OK with me shooting in her shop again.

As I emerged from a back lane I could see her putting up a display outside her shop. Her shop stood out among the others with its large windows and many bright objects hanging for all to see. I reintroduced myself and again she invited me in to take all the pictures I wanted.

This time there was something different though. I couldn’t figure it out.  Suddenly I saw it. On her belt she was carrying a piece! You know a G.U.N!

I’m a geezer! I’ve been around the block once or twice. But I was surprised to say the least when I saw what she was carrying. This was the first time I had seen an individual other than a person like a police officer openly carry a gun.

Scratching my head, I took a few shots and headed back to my truck. Then it hit me. I had missed a huge opportunity…. “ a statement portrait”. My feelings aside,  the law permits individuals here to openly carry hand guns. I thought of how I might make a portrait photograph of her with her piece on her hip. Back to her shop I went. Pleasant as always she declined. Disappointed yes, but I understood.

I’ll be returning to this area along Route 60 again in the coming days and weeks. I hope I’m able to recognize opportunity when it knocks.


Color within the bleakness of a dusty back lane

Color within the bleakness of a dusty back lane

This image was taken at the entrance to a back lane in Miami, Arizona. When I took it I wondered how I could render the image to show the starkness of this scene. A black and white conversion I thought would work. Within the scene though I noticed a small patch of vegetation and color within the dried browns and yellows. I needed to show that in my final version of the image.

I used Nik’s Veveza 2 and Color Efex Pro to develop it as a color image. With Nik’s Silver Efex Pro I converted it to an edgy black and white. A layer mask in Elements 11 revealed just enough of the color at the end of the lane to develop the feeling I had when I took the original photo.

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