Travelin’…… a flock of snowbirds

Photography in Arizona ….a real change of pace.  My wife and I traveled here this week along with many other migrating snowbirds. I’ve never seen so many grey haired geezers in one place. They’re everywhere! Must be the sun.

The desert area around Superstition Mountain is a favorite place of mine to photograph. Marvelous shapes, colors and textures lit by the fall and winter sun invite the creative eye of the photographer.

Springtime on the desert is equally interesting. The cactus begin to flower and life just seems to be renewed.

Lively textures adorn the wall of an old vacant hotel

Lively textures adorn the wall of an old vacant hotel


On this trip I’m anxious to visit some of the old towns in the area. Superior, Miami and Globe are old mining towns east of Phoenix. Opened in the late 1800’s some of the mines around these towns remain active.

Age certainly shows on the buildings and features in this area. Rusty  old cars and broken buildings are what I’m looking for.   Next week,  I’ll be wandering the streets and back alleys of these old towns.

Images from previous trips to these mining towns serve to entice me back. I admire the early residents of this area. They endured the extremes of a very unforgiving climate and landscape. As I record what is left of their world I wonder what they would think of the world today.

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