Photography Summer Camp

Self-taught, I have taken a wandering path to learn to use my camera effectively and creatively. Books, magazines, videos and websites have all provided me with knowledge and information that have heightened my ability to make interesting photographs. And I’ve attended weekend workshops and presentations at photography club meetings. I’ve learned a lot. But my approach has been piecemeal. I still needed to determine my personal approach as a photographer and artist.

With serious encouragement from my friend, professional photographer Michael Breakey I submitted prints to Artwalk in Lake Country, British Columbia. For the last 3 years and hopefully this year, my work passed the ‘jury test’. It displayed well with the work of a number of very accomplished photographers. Several of my pieces even sold. Happy yes, but…

Again, with Michael’s encouragement I looked into a photography school called Image Explorations. Initially, I was somewhat dubious. After all, this school was designed for professionals. That wasn’t me. I’m a geezer. This year I put my fears of looking out of place, looking like an amateur… a geezer, aside. I attended.

To my great surprise I fit in! There were many professionals there as well as those looking to join the professional ranks. And there were several other geezers there as well.

Image Explorations is held annually in July at the Shawnigan Lake Private School about 45 minutes north of Victoria, B.C. It is an intensive 5 day photography school. Wedding Photography, Portraiture and even the business of photography courses were offered. I chose Landscape Fine Art Photography. Taught by Tina and Mike Timmons from Michigan it was probably the best course I have ever taken. For me, it brought the camera, software and the workflow process together to form a creative vision that I could apply to my photography.

I learned a lot about photography and myself by attending Image Explorations for the first time this year. I met many wonderful photographers. Each and everyone of us, I learned, were on a journey to improve our photography. We all brought a unique approach to photography. The course I chose, Landscape Fine Art Photography has given me the boost I have been looking for to set my own personal direction in photography. Needless to say, I have pre-registered for next year.


I captured this image at sunset on my first day at Image Explorations. Using Photoshop Lightroom 5, Photoshop Element 11 and Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4 I was able to create the mood and feeling I felt at that very special time of the day.

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