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Lately, my photography posts have taken me on a different path than originally planned. Random thoughts sometimes take me in odd directions. Good thing I’m not driving when I’m thinking about this stuff. So, back on track…….

Experience with film photography provided me with a reasonably good base of photographic knowledge. The digital world was a different ‘cat’ that I needed to learn about. Being a geezer I was not the least bit interested in taking classroom-based courses. Where to begin?

On the recommendation of a camera salesman I purchased a book by Bryan Peterson entitled “Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera”. A paperback costing about $20 it was a great investment. By reading it I learned to take control of my camera settings to get the most out of my compositions. It’s a classic and a must read in my opinion.

I joined our local camera club. In fact I joined two – the Central Okanagan Photographic Society and The Kelowna Lightroom. And, I joined the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). Membership in these groups put me in touch with many wonderful photographers. Being able to share ideas and problems, join field trips and competitions and learn from others is very motivating.

Photography magazines are a great resource. You have to be careful though. Initially, my purchase of photographic magazines was based on the content and look of the cover page. Not too smart but typical of a geezer. I’ve cut my purchases of these magazines down to a reasonable and useful number. I look closely at the amount of advertising a magazine contains. Advertising is necessary but some magazines have little content and a ridiculous amount of advertising. I don’t purchase these.

I have three favourite photography magazines. My favourite is ‘Australian Photography’. I purchase this magazine monthly as an e-magazine and read it on my iPad.  Its level of advertising is acceptable but more importantly I find the Feature Articles and Departments very useful. Too me it is an outstanding publication.

Also on my favourites list is Outdoor Photography Canada and PhotoLife. Both are wonderful magazines featuring articles and photography by Canadian photographers.

There are many photography magazines to choose from. I recommend e-versions that can be read on a mobile device like an iPad – saves paper and can be easily transported.

Families gather for an evening of fishing.

I took the accompanying image “Family Time”  in Busselton, West Australia. The light was wonderful. Several families were fishing, swimming and enjoying the tranquility of the evening. In 2011 it won an Honour Award in the CAPA annual digital competition.

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