Next Steps….Diving In!

My first digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix E4300 provided me with a great opportunity to determine the direction I would take in learning about digital photography. I enjoyed film photography. I came to really love digital photography. With the digital camera the results were immediate.  I could see how my compositions could be improved and I could make appropriate retakes. However, my ‘point and shoot’ had several limitations. The most obvious limitation was the camera’s inability to process and record images taken in quick succession.  In the camera world this is called buffering. In my case the time taken for one image to be processed and saved before a second image could be taken was too long. When I tried to take pictures of my grandchildren playing I would often miss opportunities because the camera was busy doing its thing with the image I had just taken. A second limitation with my ‘point and shoot’ related to the file format in which images were saved. Simply put, my camera only saved image data in the .jpg format. Creative opportunities, I learned, would be greatly enhanced if I had a camera that saved images in the RAW file format. So, I began the search for a new digital camera.

I broke the trend. Rather than doing the ‘Geezer thing’, I did quite a bit of research before purchasing my new digital camera. I talked to friends and I read magazine articles and reviews. In particular I read reviews from DPReview an online forum that reviews cameras, lenses and other camera equipment. I highly recommend DPReview as a great source of information on which to base purchases of camera equipment. Based on my research I purchased a Nikon d70s with an 18 to 70mm zoom lens. Shortly after I added a Nikon 80 to 300 mm zoom lens.

I was back! Back in the SLR game but this time I was DIGITAL! I was really happy with my acquisitions. I loved the camera. The 18 to 70 mm zoom was a perfect ‘walk about’ lens and the 70 to 300 mm zoom filled in the middle to long distance shots I might want to take.

The following images were captured, using the d70s, on a trip to Field, B.C. in the Canadian Rockies. My wife and I along with friends from Australia ventured out to Emerald Lake. Shrouded in fog the trees appeared mystical. As the fog lifted clear water and wonderful reflections were revealed.

For the record, my old camera the Coolpix point and  shoot died tragically in the bottom of a purse…..something to do with spilled green eye shadow getting into the works …so sad .

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