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Thanks for visiting my new blog – Geezer with a Camera.  Why the name you might wonder? Who would use such a title? Well, I’m retired and I’m getting up there in age. I’m a senior.  My grandkids regularly if not always beat me in whatever contest they decide to inflict on me and I drink red wine. That makes me a geezer. And, of course I pack around a camera so I’m a Geezer with a Camera. Most importantly though I thought it would be fun and interesting to approach this blog from the point of view of a senior getting into digital photography.


Digital photography was new to me when I got into it 10 years ago.  I had put photography aside while my wife and I raised our 2 sons and pursued our careers in education. My experience to that point had been with film cameras and with film processing and printing photographs in my darkroom. While I knew that digital and film photography were similar I discovered that there were many differences. Confused and feeling lost in a new language of photography was an understatement.


In my blog I will introduce you to my photography and I will describe the steps I took to learn about digital photography.  I encourage anyone who is beginning the journey into digital photography and wanting to discover who they are as a photographer to read my blog. I have a real passion for photography and aim to bring that enthusiasm to my readers and to those who visit my photography site.

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